Our Process

You spend significant hours preparing for your next trial or deal you will close. Your finances deserve the same level of attention and planning. Busy attorneys often don’t have the time or inclination to properly plan for all the complexities of their financial condition. We built the following process specifically to help lawyers design, implement, and maintain a financial plan tailored to their needs and objectives.

Step 1: Local Rules and Brochure

Our Local Rules and Pursuing a Better Investment Experience Brochure tell you in plain English what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you if we work together.

Step 2: Meet and Confer

If you agree with the Local Rules, we have a 30-minute call to learn about what’s important and of concern to you.

Step 3: Conduct Discovery

You help us learn more about you by responding to our Interrogatories and Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, and providing us with documents and information responsive to our  Request for Production.

Step 4: Proposed Scheduling Order

We send you a proposed Scheduling Order (also known as a draft Investment Policy Statement).

Step 5: Financial Co-Counsel Agreement

We send you a Financial Co-Counsel Agreement (also known as a Financial Planning Agreement or Comprehensive Wealth Management Agreement) confirming what services we will provide and what we will charge for them. If you choose not to proceed, keep the draft Investment Policy Statement free of charge.

Step 6: Trial Notebook

We deliver a Financial Trial Notebook (also known as a Financial Plan) to you within 60-90 days of you signing an agreement with us and delivering the documents and information responsive to our Interrogatories, Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, and Request for Production.

Step 7: Ready For Trial!

If you have engaged us only to prepare your Financial Plan, you begin trying your case yourself (also known as implementing your Plan).  If you have engaged us for ongoing support to help you implement the Plan, we work with you to do so.

Step 8: Ongoing Services We Provide

Members can choose to stop working with us at any time. Some choose to do so after implementing their Plan.  For those that want ongoing help, our Service Calendar outlines services, coordination, and support we offer.


*Note: These scenarios are hypotheticals, do not involve a Maycomb Wealth Member/Client, and should not be construed as advice or a guarantee of any results.


He doesn’t know what he’s spending each month and on what. He doesn’t have a budget and likes the idea of focusing more on cash flow and better defining his goals, but isn’t sure how to find the right advisor to help.


She doesn’t know how much her funds or other investments cost or whether they are properly diversified. She has two young children and wants to start saving for their education, but also wants to pay down her own student loans and save for retirement.


The juggle of life is even more real than it was 10 years ago. A husband, son, father, lawyer, and trainer of a new Boykin Spaniel named Lucy, the last thing he wants to do is spend time monitoring and optimizing his investments and financial plan.

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