Thank you for your time in considering Maycomb Wealth Advisors LLC.  Our members are “evidence-based” investors with financial plans built on decades of Nobel Prize-winning science, never headlines or stock tips.  Our members trust us to advise them based on the type and quality of “evidence” we were required by law to rely on during 20 years as securities, fiduciary, and insurance lawyers. 

As busy attorneys for the first 20 years of our careers, whose compensation was tied to billable hours and contingency fees, we learned to delegate as much as we could to other trusted advisors, including our investments and financial planning needs.  We had varying experiences with wealth managers.  Some were better than others.  Few seemed to spend much time finding out what our goals were and helping us truly understand whether we were on track to meet those goals or not.   Each wanted to charge us based on a percentage of all the money we had earned throughout our life, regardless of how much time and expertise might have been required to advise and otherwise service us. 

More than a year-long long search, and multiple trips around the United States meeting with dozens of people searching for alternatives, led us to opening Maycomb Wealth Advisors LLC.   There is usually more than one road you can take to get to your destination.  We do not claim to be the only wealth management firm that can help you meet your goals, but if you choose to become a member you can expect the following:

  • You will be owed the highest duty American law recognizes for a financial advisor, being that of a fiduciary.  Simply put, your interests come before ours or our Firm’s- Always;

  • You will be charged a flat fee for our services that could not be easier to understand because it is based on our evaluation and discussions with you about the time and expertise required of us to best serve your particular needs (regardless of what amount of money you have earned throughout your life).   We will also never receive commissions or other fees in connection with your Maycomb Wealth membership.  When we refer one of our members to anyone in our network of other trusted accounting, estate planning, insurance or other advisors and professionals, the member pays them a fee and we never receive a referral fee or commission in connection with it; and

  • Our advice to you will be based on decades of Nobel Prize-winning science and evidence of the type we were required to present when litigating multi-million-dollar cases in front of judges, juries, and arbitrators throughout the United States.

We pride ourselves on helping our members pursue a better investment experience and best positioning them to meet their wealth management goals.  We hope to hear from you to further discuss whether a Maycomb Wealth membership would be a good fit for you and your family.





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